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Kansas City Premises Liability Lawsuits

Did you recently injure yourself while on another person’s or business’ property? You might be entitled to benefits if your injuries resulted from negligence or carelessness. Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment for any visitors or workers and if you’ve been injured, you can secure those rights through Saxton Law Firm. The attorneys at Saxton Law Firm are experts in premise liability law. Throughout Kansas and Missouri, we have provided our clients with quick and meaningful resolutions for their legal problems and injuries. We can make sure you’re covered – from hospital visits to physical therapy to recovery – by investigating the incident and demonstrating the other party’s fault.

How We Can Protect Your Rights Following an Injury

At Saxton Law Firm, we understand there are numerous ways people are injured while traveling through other people’s property. More importantly, we know how important it is to have a comprehensive understanding of the law and a firm handle on investigatory tactics to support your claim. Attorneys who practice premise liability must be agile and adaptive, both of which are prevalent are qualities at our firm. These attributes allow us to shepherd your case during all phases of the legal process – from depositions to a potential trial. We have considerable experience representing client’s various kind of injuries that were caused by another party, including the following:

Fires: Has your house or property been damaged by a fire. We can help you when your insurance company is avoiding payment for the damage. Please give us a call.

Dog Bites: Owners are responsible for the actions their dogs take. If a dog bit you and caused any injuries, a lawsuit would be an excellent way to protect your rights and protect yourself financially. Canine saliva can contain bacteria that cause a myriad of health issues in humans. We’ve found that the bite’s ramifications are often worse than the physical appearance of the wound. We can prove the animal’s owner failed to keep it on a leash, properly train it, and keep up with shots.

Slip and fall incidents: Property owners must keep their building and the surrounding grounds free from obstacles and slip hazards. By law, any slips, trips, or falls can be the property owner’s fault. The trick is establishing that the owner did not take all the necessary precautions to avoid the accident. Examples include not salting a sidewalk before a winter storm and leaving yard work tools lying on walking paths.

Elevator accidents: Maintaining an elevator is a lot of work, but business owners must put effort into ensuring all components are up to code. Elevator accidents can be fatal, but they can also cause minor yet chronic conditions. Therefore, if you were involved in a mishap on an elevator, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Saxton Law Firm. We can identify whether the property owner skipped any regulatory steps during inspections, and more.

Escalator accidents: Much like elevators, escalators are high-maintenance transportation devices. Some business owners might neglect inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance due to the cost involved with these actions. Saxton Law Firm thoroughly investigates escalator-related accidents and injuries to determine whether a business owner should have done anything differently. Establishing negligence or carelessness is crucial, and we know how to do it.

Speak with Our Attorneys Before Filing an Insurance Claim

Insurance is a potential sticking point during injury cases involving negligence or carelessness. We understand you might feel some degree of urgency to file a claim. However, we strongly encourage you to wait to speak with our premise liability lawyers before doing so. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the insurance process and avoid potential landmines that could derail your claim and leave you high and dry. Plus, if you decide to move forward with a premise liability lawsuit, we might choose to sue the insurance company in addition to the property owner. Having an attorney pore over all insurance-related documents will make a huge difference.

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Don’t allow the negligence or carelessness of another to derail your plans. Slips, trips, falls, and more have the potential to cause lifelong chronic pain. However, with physical therapy and medical treatment, many individuals can sidestep these issues. Hiring an attorney for a premise liability lawsuit can help you pay for the medical treatment you require to treat your injuries. You shouldn’t feel guilty about filing a lawsuit against irresponsible property owners. They have a responsibility to follow all federal, state, and municipal codes. We’re here to ensure there are consequences to ignoring them. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated and experienced attorneys.

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