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Is Your Home Covered with Wind and Hail Insurance?

Your home is more than a house; it is part of your identity and an extension of your family.  Accordingly, the protection you want for your home is personal and of the highest importance.

When your family home is damaged, it is difficult to understand the complexities of the insurance process. Most insurance policies include wind and hail insurance, but it is always challenging to navigate the language of an insurance policy.

We are here to help – both when you purchase your insurance policy, or if something unfortunate happens and you need the benefit of your insurance coverage. If needed, bring your policy to Saxton Law Firm or another expert to ensure you fully understand your rights. You will want to make sure that you file a claim within the assigned time frame from your policy. It is always best to raise our potential insurance claim as soon as possible and we are here to help you with that.

Understanding Your Wind and Hail Insurance Details

One of the most important decision when buying a home is to secure i

nsurance to protect your house from wind and hail damage. Many insurance companies include wind and hail coverage, but it is important to review your policy to confirm that coverage. Sometimes they are not included, and you may need to ask for them specifically, especially if you live in an area like the Midwest that experiences such storms frequently. Saxton Law Firm can help you understand the complexity of your insurance and ensure that your home and family are covered in the event of wind or hail damage.

Why Was My Wind or Hail Insurance Claim Denied?

Many wind and hail insurance claims are denied because of corrupt practices used by insurance companies. If you receive an insurance claim denial, make sure you read carefully over the reasoning for the denial.  they must provide this. Insurance companies routinely look for any reason to evade paying for the damage to your home. Additionally, insurance companies often provide low-ball estimates of the damage to your home which leaves you with less money to repair the damage. Making sure that you accurately report damages and causes is important as well. Make sure you get the full scope before making your claim. Below are some other reasons insurance companies will deny your claim:

  • Filed your claim too late
  • Not enough information gathered
  • Late payments for your premium
  • Supposed risk of insurance fraud
  • The claim is not covered in your policy
  • The builder or some other person is at fault
  • Poor maintenance

How Should You Handle a Denied Wind or Hail Insurance Claims

If your wind or hail insurance claim is denied, you need to contact the Saxton Law Firm to advise you on your claim. Our office has considerable experience confronting insurance companies and we will help bring you and your family peace of mind during this trying time. Remember, the reason they can deny your claim is because of a lack of information. Be sure to gather as much as you can about the damages, cost to fix, inventory of items damaged, and more. Wind and hail perils can cause more than just physical or cosmetic damage to your home, so make sure you know where and what was affected in the storm.

Call Saxton Law Firm About Denied Wind and Hail Damage Claims Today

As soon as your claim gets denied, reach out to the experts at Saxton Law Firm. We want to help you get the money you deserve so you can get back into your home and living a normal life again. For decades we have been helping businesses and residents get the money they need to make necessary repairs to their offices and homes by utilizing their wind and hail insurance. Set up your free consultation by calling us at (816) 810-3207!

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