What to Do If Your Fire Insurance Claim is Denied in Kansas City

A fire can cause major, if not total, damage to your home or business. That situation can result in financial ruin if your insurance company delays payment on your legitimate insurance claim based on unreasonable suspicions. The overwhelming majority of fire insurance claim denials affect innocent homeowners or small businesses who do not receive the support of their insurance that they paid for. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company on a fire insurance claim in Kansas City, or in any other kind of insurance issue, then we encourage you to speak with one of our experienced insurance claim lawyers at Saxton Law Firm.

Why was my claim denied?

Your house may have suffered many different types of damage after a fire, including water or roof damage, broken windows, vehicle or property loss, ash residue, and general discoloration, and loss or severe damage to your personal belongings. It is important to immediately document all your property losses through photographs and written correspondence and start the fire insurance claim process immediately.

Unfortunately, it is common for fire insurance claims to be denied arbitrarily, as insurance companies often resort to this tactic in order to save money. Many fire insurance claim denials in Kansas City, MO, are unjustified, or fraudulently denied.  Insurance companies are required to explain their behavior and claim denials, but unfortunately, many people do not seek legal counsel when their insurance company treats them unfairly. If your legitimate insurance claim was denied, please contact one of our expert insurance claim lawyers as soon as possible.


Fire Insurance Claim Lawyers in Kansas City

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If your insurance company denies your claim or tries to lowball your claim, you need to understand that there are laws protecting your rights. If you feel that your insurance company is treating you unfairly, you need to immediately document everything and contact us as soon as possible. Our insurance claim attorneys are very familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to avoid payment of legitimate claims, and we are in the best position to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Our firm has considerable resources that we utilize to the benefit of our clients including unbiased appraisers and impartial forensic experts. While most fire insurance claim denials can be resolved without going to trial or filing a lawsuit, in the event that litigation is necessary, we are ready and willing to try your case to a jury to achieve what you are owed. Reach out to Saxton Law Firm today so we can assert your rights and ensure you are treated fairly.

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