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Small Business Litigation in Kansas City

Saxton Law Firm specializes in assisting our clients with a broad spectrum of legal issues. We’re here when you’re having trouble securing liquor licensing for a new venture. Our legal team chips in by providing small business litigation in a variety of areas, including insurance disputes. We also offer personal injury legal services, protecting the rights of our clients, and winning damages in civil cases. Through it all, we approach each case with compassion and decency.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

Our experience has taught us the importance of a customer-first mentality. We treat each client on an individualized basis, handling their case with care and keeping them apprised each step of the way. We also learned early on the advantages posed by offering free consultations. Our clients deserve the right to understand the nuances of their case before hiring us to represent them. The free consultation includes a one-on-one conversation and assessment of your case.

Why Should I Choose Saxton Law Firm to Represent Me?

Great attorneys and law firms possess a set of traits that make them powerful forces for good in their clients’ lives. Saxton Law Firm has extensive education and a proven track record of success. We use our free consultation to go over the details of your case, in particular, another trait of a reputable law firm. We represent clients facing circumstances relating to small business and personal injury law, all of whom benefit from a diligent and thorough legal firm.

What is Expected of Me During a Lawsuit?

There are several phases of a lawsuit, though not all of them occur in any given case. They are pleading, discovery, dispositive motion, and trial. We expect client participation in their case, though we do the heavy legal lifting. For instance, during the discovery portion of your trial, our attorneys and the legal team on the other side, push for knowledge of the case. You may be required to hand over documents relating to the case. Depositions usually involved taped testimony, which the court will require you to participate in.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury claims are made when a client suffers an injury and is seeking damages from a responsible party. Personal injury includes automobile accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, birth injury, and nursing home abuse. Personal injury claims must address liability and damages and demonstrate the defendant is legally responsible for the injury in question.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive?

Successful personal injury lawsuits typically involve compensation for related medical expenses. However, Saxton Law Firm can secure additional damages in addition to medical compensation. For instance, if your injury has impacted your future earnings, we can seek damages to protect your future earnings. When it comes to medical compensation, we usually target:

  • Initial medical treatment
  • Future care
  • Physical therapy
  • Assistive devices and prosthetics
  • Medication
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Travel costs to and from appointments
  • Any additional medical expenses

Can Saxton Law Firm Help with an Insurance Claim Denial

Not only can we assist you, but insurance claims are also one of our specialties. We have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies and securing the best possible payout for our clients. Insurance companies decline payments for a variety of reasons, and many small businesses assume there’s nothing they can do at that point. Not so. We have experience using Missouri and Kansas law to our advantage to force your insurance carrier to pay following fires, accidents, and more.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Unfortunately, insurance is a business. And business is booming. While some companies operate with integrity, others will take advantage of the system and deny a claim to save money at your expense. Don’t let them. Saxton Law Firm provides valuable legal assistance to those fighting an unfair process. We can address the insurance company’s concerns and rebuff their claims. Most insurance claims are denied for the following reasons:

  • The insurer didn’t respond to the claimant’s concerns or queries
  • The insurer is trying to settle for less than a fair amount
  • The insurance company places an undue burden on the claimant in the form of paperwork and documentation
  • The insurer makes dubious claims about not having enough information
  • The Insurance company doesn’t explain the claim denial

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We take our responsibilities seriously. That means providing expert legal advice to small businesses throughout Kansas City. Small business litigation is an essential but underperformed legal specialty. While big-box chains and corporations have an army of lawyers at their disposal, we’re an army of one. We’ll always fight on your behalf. For more information about our personal injury and small business litigation services, contact us today.

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